We have a database of BLOGGERS & BRANDS that are just waiting to COLLABORATE with one another. We take the GUESSWORK out of marketing by HANDPICKING bloggers and brands within the same NICHE to come up with campaigns that are REWARDING and SUCCESSFUL to all.

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The Hopping Bloggers was formed by two veteran bloggers who have worked with brands and bloggers for years. Because they are bloggers themselves, they know what bloggers want out of campaigns, and can relay it to the brands to make these campaigns a success. Additionally, they have worked with hundreds of brands, so they are more than familiar with brand-blogger relationships. It is this experience that sets The Hopping Bloggers network apart from other networks.

Joyce is a co-founder of The Hopping Bloggers. She also runs the women's lifestyle blog, WomenAndTheirPretties.net. Joyce is a wanderlust Floridian, Disney lover, pop-culture junkie, fashion fiend, cat lover, and self-proclaimed foodie.

Tessa Smith is a co-founder of The Hopping Bloggers. She also blogs over at MamaSmiths.com. She's a stay-at-home mom of two girls. She enjoys traveling, watching movies, and just loving life! She is a total geek and gamer at heart and loves all things Marvel Comics.