4 ways that brands can benefit from blogger relationships

4 ways that brands can benefit from bloggers

In our last post, we talked about bloggers creating good relationships with brands. This time, we want to flip the script and talk about the ways that brands can benefit from blogger relationships. Many businesses will have a look into social media based bloggers to boost their companies brand, you can click here for the top bloggers on instagram. Bloggers used to be underrated, but they are making a comeback. There was a time (not too long ago) when bloggers were put on the same level as the paparazzi. People thought of bloggers are gossipers, but we are far from that. Bloggers have become successful businessmen and businesswomen. It can help for these bloggers to use the help of an SEO company to help them gain more exposure and heavy traffic. You can see for yourself the hard work these agencies are doing. We are influencers, entrepreneurs, and hard workers. We are an essential piece of the media. Our blogs are our brands. In my opinion, blogs are one of the most creative outlets that you can market your brands on, and I’m so thankful that blogs are making a serious comeback. You too could make yourself a part of the blogging renaissance by creating and making money off your own website. You’re going to needs things like a domain name and a cpanel hosting uk provider, but as soon as you’ve got them, you’re ready to start blogging and start earning! I could go on for hours about why bloggers are assets to a brand, but I will just break it down to the top 5 ways that brands can benefit from bloggers.

4 ways that brands can benefit from bloggers

1. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is everything these days. The things I remember the most are the things that my friends have told me about great restaurants, products, customer service, and places. It means the world. If my experience with a brand, as a blogger or as a consumer, is extraordinary then you best believe that I’m going to tell everyone and their mother about it! Trust me on this one. Every single time I go on a press trip and connect with other bloggers, I come back to the office with a literal list full of brand names that are awesome to work with and a list of products that I’d love. Not only do I recommend great products/brands to friends, I buy them for my friends and family. When a brand impresses me, I become really passionate about introducing the world to their products or services. Build good blogger relationships and you’ll always have a team by your side.

2. Honest Feedback

If you want honest feedback on your product, then send it to a blogger. Bloggers are known for sharing their honest experiences with products. That’s why we are a great outlet to turn to if you want to know how consumers will react to your product. A secure brand will ask bloggers to review thier products honestly, not ask for positive feedback. As a consumer, I am more confident in my buying decisions after reading about the pros and the cons. I want to know exactly what I’m getting myself into, that’s why I trust a blogger’s opinion. Bloggers are real people, giving real opinions. It doesn’t get much better than that.

3. Creative Campaigns

Bloggers are creative geniuses. We find ways to promote and introduce brands in fun and unique ways. If you want to run a successful marketing campaign, then talk to a group of professional bloggers, like The Hopping Bloggers. We offer creative campaigns that will reach your targeted audience in a unique way. The days of paying thousands for advertisements and commercials are over. Get a group of bloggers in your niche and watch your brand grow. Want to know more? Visit our campaigns page.

4. Real-life experiences

Consumers practically beg for real-life experiences. For example, when I want to buy a new lipstick, I want to see what women like me think of it. I want to see swatches of the lipstick, I want to know how long it really lasts. The photos on your website and packaging will only take you so far. Your customers want to see people like them with your products. Let me put it this way: If your target audience is women in their twenties and a woman in her sixties wants to buy your product, she wants to see what people like her think of it. That’s where bloggers come in handy. At The Hopping Bloggers, we have a database full of bloggers from every niche and every age group that are just waiting to work with brands that are hungry for exposure.

Joyce Duboise
Joyce Duboise
Joyce is a co-founder of The Hopping Bloggers. She’s also the owner/founder/publisher of www.womenandtheirpretties.net. Joyce is a wanderlust Floridian, Disney lover, pop-culture junkie, fashion fiend, cat lover, and self-proclaimed foodie. Inquiries: womenandtheirpretties@yahoo.com

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