The Hopping Bloggers is a database of hundreds of bloggers with a social reach of over 500 million and growing! They are all ready and willing to work with new brands and to help promote your products in fun and unique ways. Since we have worked with hundreds of brands ourselves, we know that negotiations and contacting many bloggers can be time consuming. The Hopping Bloggers will handpick bloggers whose niches fit with your products and campaigns, leaving you more time to focus on other things.

What You Can Expect From Us

The Hopping Bloggers co-founders have years of experience under their belts, and we know what bloggers are looking for when working with brands. We are ready to dive into our database of hundreds to select the perfect bloggers for your products.


  • Reliable Bloggers – We have worked with hundreds of bloggers over the years and we know who can be counted on. We will hand select bloggers who are timely, professional, and honest.
  • The Right Fit – The Hopping Bloggers wants to help you. In order to do this we have gone through hundreds of websites and will choose the bloggers that are the right fit for your products. We will make sure that their niche lines up with what you want (and need) so that your products get exposure with the right readers.
  • Featured Brands – The Hopping Bloggers will select brands (and blog posts from our bloggers) to be featured on our social media accounts, in our newsletter, and even on our website.
  • Creative and Unique Content – Our bloggers are filled with unique and creative ideas to take promotion of your product above and beyond what you are used to. Look forward to content that is much more than just a review. Our bloggers have experience weaving products into content, for example recipe or craft posts. This is a unique way to feature your product that is sure to catch the eye of consumers.
    • Professionalism – The Hopping Bloggers are veteran bloggers and will showcase your products and services in a professional manor.
      • Tips & Advice – You can always find tips and advice for brands in the brand portion of our website. We will give you the inside scoop on what bloggers really want from the brands they work with as well as why certain types of campaigns work best.

Campaign Options

The Hopping Bloggers have many different campaign options available. We are always willing to try something new as well, so feel free to let us know what you want. We are here to work for you! Email us at Brands@TheHoppingBloggers.com for a price list and to start customizing your campaigns today!
The Hopping Bloggers will write a script that is sure to have the interwebs buzzing about your products. Twitter parties generally last an hour and have a minimum of five prizes. The Hopping Bloggers will hand select up to five bloggers to participate in the script and buzz about the party to make sure it is a success. You can also request that 25 (or more) bloggers get the word about the party ahead of time by posting on social media and their websites.
The Hopping Bloggers will ensure that a giveaway for your product is featured in a giveaway hop. In a giveaway hop, there is a list of links to other giveaways running at the same time. Followers can easily click on these to learn about new products and enter to win them. The Hopping Bloggers giveaway hops feature anywhere from 25 to over 100 blogs! You can choose to sponsor the grand prize in a hop or as more than one of the giveaways (different product styles or types for each giveaway are recommended).
Have a message you want to get out without a product review attached? In this campaign option, we will select bloggers in the right niche to post your message in their own words (or in yours).
The Hopping Bloggers will select the perfect bloggers to post about your product or service on social media. Just let us know what platform(s), if you want to sponsor a giveaway, and how many bloggers you would like involved and we will get to work for you. Some suggestions are: Instagram Giveaway Loops, Facebook Tours, Sponsored Pinterest Boards, and Sponsored Tweets.
With this option, anywhere from 10 to 50 bloggers will feature your product on their website and social media accounts on the same day (or within the same week). This will create a buzz around your brand that simply cannot be ignored.
With this option, bloggers will receive a product of your choice and are instructed to creatively feature it on their website. This means not just the same old review style. We mean weaving a product into a fun recipe or craft - a unique way to feature your product. Bloggers will all post within the same week, unless otherwise requested.


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