4 sections to include in a successful blog media kit
4 sections to include in a successful blog media kit
August 8, 2016

How to write a pitch letter that SELLS – 5 tips from one successful blogger to another

How to write a pitch letter that sells - from one successful blogger to another

One of the most important things you can write as a blogger is your pitch letter. Learning how to write a pitch letter is pertinent to your success in working with brands. It is the first impression that the brand will have of you, and you want to sell yourself with it. Many bloggers struggle with this and hopefully these tips will help you create the perfect pitch letter and get those yeses coming!

How to write a pitch letter that sells - from one successful blogger to another

1. Tell the brand why you want to work with them.

Start off by explaining why you want to work with that particular brand. Is it one that you purchase yourself? Something you have tried out already and love it? Something you would recommend to friends? Let them know how passionate you are about your work and their product. Most likely they get hundreds, if not thousands, of pitches and you want to stand out. Show them that you care about their brand as much as they do.

2. Tell them how they will benefit from working with you.

Let the brand know why they should choose you to work with. Most brands have plenty of options, so explain to them why they should go with you. Let them know how their brand fits in with your niche and your followers. Have your readers been asking you about particular products? Let them know your readers are eager to hear about them – and that you cannot wait to give your honest opinions of their products.

3. Tell them your idea to promote them.

As we said above, many brands get thousands of pitches, or more. Stand out from the crowd. Explain to them where you will promote them – what social media outlets will you feature their brand on? Do you have an amazing idea for some photos to feature their products? What is your idea for your article about them? Brands want to know that you are already thinking ahead – and that you have creative ideas that will help them sell their products.

4. Answer any questions before they ask them.

The last thing you want to do is leave the brand having questions. Be sure to include everything that they will need to discover who you are and what your writing style is. Don’t forget to include a link to your blog so they can check out previous articles you have written. You should mention your name and website in the first sentence, but include an actual link in your signature. Make sure your pitch letter also has links to your social media accounts, or at the very least, tell the brand where they can find them (for example: I have links to all of my social media accounts in the top right corner of my website).

One of the most important things in your pitch letter is going to be your media kit. Here you list your current reach, followers on specific social media sites, and brands you have previously worked with. This is a one stop shop for brands to see your influence. Finally, be sure to include your mailing address in your pitch letter. Some brands may not even respond to you – they might just ship you a product. If they do not have to reply back to you asking for your address, that saves them (and you!) time.

5. Keep it short.

Your pitch letter should be short and sweet, but hit all the points. Try to keep it limited to three or four small paragraphs. If you put it in a word document, it shouldn’t go past the first page. Brands get lots of pitch letters each day and if they open one up that is long, they might skim it and miss your good ideas – or even skip reading it all together.

We hope this helped you in your first steps in learning how to write a pitch letter. Do you have questions? Let us know in the comments section below!

Tessa Smith
Tessa Smith
Tessa Smith is a co-founder of The Hopping Bloggers. She also blogs over at MamaSmiths.com. Tessa is a stay-at-home mom of two girls. She enjoys traveling, watching movies, and just loving life! She is a total geek and gamer at heart and loves all things Marvel Comics. Her family is Disney obsessed and visits there every chance they have. Inquiries: Tessa@MamaSmiths.com

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